Denise Bowles

Denise Bowles

Denise Bowles grew up on the Palouse in northern Idaho among the rolling hills of grain that flow between groups of mountain pine. Her environment has influenced the texture and flowing lines found in her work. Since Denise received her AA/AFA degree from Spokane Falls Community College in 1997 she has shown her pieces in numerous galleries, studio tours, co-ops and alternative spaces in the Palouse and Spokane regions, San Diego region, and the Tri Cities region where she currently resides. Over the years she has shared her talents through service in local schools. She has also held positions on boards for non-profit arts organizations in the Spokane region where she assisted in or lead the planning and arranging of several art events and exhibits. Her work is found in private collections around the nation.

Denise has said this about her work:
“In my work I use texture, color, and images real or imagined in my attempt to portray the many sensations of man: power, weakness, chaos, and peace, the push and pull of life.
People ask me why I fail to settle on one medium. It’s because I need to work the clay and feel it in my hands. There is something passionate about that. It’s because the repetitive motion of putting paint on canvas can calm me, but sometimes energize me. It’s because when I find that perfect little object, maybe a tiny clock face or bird bone, or a little plastic frog, it completes the piece and adds that little piece of me or the person or place that gave it to me. All of these things add meaning to my life and when I look at what I created, I think of where I was then and where I am now and where I will yet go.”

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